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Vibrant people live vibrant lives and they lead vibrant teams and build vibrant organisations.

We all know when we feel vibrant, we know when we’re with vibrant people and we know when we encounter or work within vibrant organisations. Vibrancy is the means by which we come alive to our full potential. It’s the energy that empowers us to become who we want to be and it’s what enables us to achieve the results we want to see. 

And that’s important because it seems as if almost everyone we know and all the organisations we work with are trying to get to somewhere…else.

Somewhere more successful, more impactful, more engaging, more relevant, more creative, more innovative, more collaborative…than where they are now.

Somewhere more resilient, more fulfilling, more meaningful, more courageous. 
Somewhere where goals are met, where problems are solved, where obstacles are overcome.

At the vibrant company, our creative combination of:

  • Consulting
  • Transformative coaching
  • Learning and development expertise, and
  • Award-winning mentoring

helps our clients become the most vibrant version of themselves and reach their biggest goals.

“Thank you for delivering such an engaging and enjoyable team offsite meeting yesterday. The team shared many positive comments from all the various activities and everyone left feeling extremely energised!”

Sonja Chhatwal
DHL Foundation

“Through some really challenging months at the start of 2018, Sarah’s coaching sessions were unbelievably helpful. In fact they were transformational and have had a lasting effect on the way I act on thoughts.” 

Neil Crump

“Sarah truly is VIBRANT and has an extraordinary ability to pass this on to her clients. Her coaching has enabled the breakthrough I needed and has been incredibly helpful to me.”

Dr Stephen Aras

vibrant views

In the vibrant blog, we explore themes emerging from our client work and frankly anything else that we see and think is relevant to vibrancy!

When best practice isn’t best

When best practice isn’t best

It might sound paradoxical or even heretical to challenge the concept of best practice, but issues can arise when it becomes more of a ritual or a habit than an intelligently creative and protective tool. How many of your people understand not just what to do but why it’s done that way?

The ghost in the hallway

The ghost in the hallway

If someone whom you judge to be credible and reliable told you that they had seen a ghost in the hallway of their house, what would you think? How might you react and what would you say? And why do the answers to these questions matter to you as a leader?

Above and beyond

Above and beyond

In this post we look at going above and beyond – the ability to rise above the current challenge and look beyond it for the way forward, and the speed with which this happens.

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