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Welcome to our blog, vibrant views

In the vibrant company blog, Sarah explores the themes emerging from our work with clients and frankly anything else we think is relevant to vibrancy!

Escape the room

When recently asked for a book recommendation my choice was obvious: The Inside Out Revolution by Michael Neill. I didn’t even have to think about it because this book was literally life-changing…

An easier way from here to there

For many of us the beginning of the year means resolutions and plans: we are ‘here’ and we want to be ‘there’. We explore how to get ‘there’ via the path of least resistance.

The path of least resistance

The essential reason people seek coaching or training is because they want to get to somewhere other than where they are now. They are ‘here’ and they want to be ‘there’. If you’re interested in finding an easier way to get to ‘there’ then discovering how to reduce resistance to the ‘here’ is crucial.

The box paradox

Have you ever noticed how we humans, often unconsciously, expect to be both in a box and out-of-the-box, all at the same time? Since I started The Vibrant Company, people have asked me, entirely reasonably, ‘what kind of a business are you?’ and ‘what service do you provide?’. What they also mean is: what box can I put you in?

Defining vibrancy

For us, vibrancy is the means by which people come alive to their full potential. It is both the input and the output which enables the outcome of getting to who, how and where we want to be. And people seem to instinctively know that vibrancy is a good thing – something to be sought out and cultivated.

I’m Sarah

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I’m the Founder of the Vibrant Company. With a career spanning more than 30 years in marketing and communications, in the C-Suite, as an entrepreneur, a consultant, a coach and a mentor, I continue to be both fascinated and motivated by how people and organisations can fulfil their potential.

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