our clients.

our clients.

We work with leaders, their teams and their broader organisations – from SME’s to multi-national companies and NGOs. Here are just some of the clients we’ve had the pleasure of working with and what they have to say about our approach…

“We engaged Sarah & The Vibrant Company to support the development of our account management team. Their approach does not follow the ‘standard’ training model! The initial interviews allowed us to understand how each member of the team views the world, our business, what motivates them and what barriers / ways of thinking need to be removed for that person to be successful against the company objectives. In turn the collated findings enabled The Vibrant Company to create specifically tailored ‘intervention’ training to help my team members understand what a great client experience and sales process looks like and how to deliver it. The feedback from the team has been overwhelmingly positive and our new way of working has begun!”

David King
London letterbox Marketing

For more than 15 years I had respected Sarah as fellow trade association committee colleague and a fellow agency business owner. I even did coaching as a young buck where I cited Sarah as a role model I’d like to emulate.  So I jumped at the chance to be coached in the new approach she had been training in and was now advocating. Through some really challenging months at the start of 2018, the coaching sessions were unbelievably helpful. In fact they were transformational for me and have had a lasting effect on the way I choose to act on thoughts.  I am genuinely happier and calmer and changed for the better.

Neil Crump

“Thank you for delivering such an engaging and enjoyable team offsite meeting yesterday.  The team shared many positive comments from all the various activities and everyone left feeling extremely energised!”

Sonja Chhatwal
DHL Foundation

“Sarah is highly experienced, knowledgeable and a dedicated professional. With an agile mind, and the ability to see through the clutter, she is skilled at thinking through complex issues and finding practical and collaborative solutions. A senior practitioner on top of her game Sarah is highly adept at building and navigating relationships at the most senior level, often working “under the radar”, gaining support and sponsorship for strategic interventions that drive tangible outcomes.”

Jane Atkin
JA Associates

“Sarah is such an inspiration, she always knows what’s right for a business whilst never losing sight of what’s right for the people. Striking that balance is hard.  She is a brilliant strategist, always seeing the bigger picture and is a business head with a personal touch.”


“Honestly, in my experience, Sarah’s ability to deliver crucial insight and ingenious solutions is unparalleled. Lessons she has taught me has enabled me to dissect scenarios and power dynamics quickly and easily”

George Pearson
Virgo Health, New York

“I saw Sarah at an exciting but also daunting time – when I was making a significant transition. With Sarah’s help, I was able to confront some barriers that I had unconsciously and unnecessarily put up and which were hindering my ability to move forward and achieve my goal.

Sarah truly is VIBRANT and has an extraordinary ability to pass this on to her clients. Her coaching has enabled the breakthrough I needed and has been incredibly helpful to me.”

Dr Stephen Aras

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