When recently asked for a book recommendation my choice was obvious: The Inside Out Revolution by Michael Neill. I didn’t even have to think about it because this book was literally life-changing and it’s the reason I trained as a transformative coach.

If you have ever experienced an ‘escape the room’ type challenge, then you’ll know…

(Spoiler alert: if you haven’t done one of these but you think you might, don’t read the rest of this paragraph!)

…that once inside the room from which you need to escape, at some point during the allotted 60 minutes you’ll likely discover another room that you previously had no idea even existed. Reading ‘The Inside Out Revolution’ was like that for me: I discovered an entirely new room – a much better room than I had ever found before.

If you’re wondering what’s so great about this room, then just like the challenge, the answer is that it represents your means of escape. But what from? Well it is quite a list:

  • stress
  • indecision
  • frustration
  • fear of change
  • established habits and engrained behaviours
  • old thinking and outdated beliefs, about yourself, about others and about what is and isn’t possible in the world
  • the inertia caused by the weight of ‘the way things are done around here’
  • limiting dynamics and toxic relationships
  • even the legacy of the painful experiences gathered throughout your life to date.

I am sure there are more, but this gives you an idea about what’s on offer at both a professional and personal level because this understanding is universal. And when you are able to escape this clog, clutter and constraint, what’s available to you is:


  • more resilience than you ever thought possible
  • clarity and peace of mind
  • true presence and maximum focus in the moment
  • creativity and unlimited access to outside-the-box thinking
  • trust in your intuition
  • enhanced relationships
  • courage to venture into the unknown
  • direct and permanent connection with your true self – your authenticity.

In retrospect I realised that I’d caught a glimpse of this room before but, carrying on the metaphor, I had perhaps mistaken it for a reflection in the mirror of the room I was already in, rather than a window into the one beyond.

In that room we become the most vibrant version of ourselves and it really is there for all of us to find.

You can read the book, you can ask us to show the way, or both – just be sure to join us there.

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